Customer Centrism


1.    What is a customer?

2.    What is customer centrism?

3.    Characteristics of a customer-centric organisation

4.    Why should we become customer centric in your organisation?

5.    Customer Centric Imperatives

6.    Customer Centric Model
6.1  Know your customer
6.2  Align your resources
6.3  Listen and respond

7.    Taking your business to the next level

8.    Customer Centric DNA
8.1  Enterprise roadmap
8.2  Trustworthy data
8.3  Root cause analysis
8.4  Action and accountability
8.5  Innovation and transformation

9.    Customer Centric retailing
9.1  Defining the battlefield
9.2  Customer focused propositions
9.3  Efficient channel mix
9.4  In-store excellence
9.5  Fit for purpose supply chain
9.6  Lean overheads

10.  Customer Centric servicing
10.1   Provide channels to access customer service in the most appropriate manner
10.2   Meet customer requirements as they are changing
10.3   Define chain of command for customers to escalate
10.4   Provide techniques and frameworks to be flexible and solve problems: TRAINING
10.5   Provide incentive structure to go above and beyond baseline
10.6   Structure organization to enable self-managed team
10.7   Ensure employees are customers to create community of users outside of company
10.8   Learn best practices from superlative agents and propogate/train/share with organization
10.9   Provide training to be embedded in culture and behavior

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