Project Management


This programme will provide an essential framework for project management. By the end of the programme participants will understand a step-by-step process for managing any project from inception to implementation. They will have a toolset to accompany this process and will understand the principles underlying the process. Other aspects that will be covered include how to overcome the collaboration and communication issues that derail so many projects. They will learn the art of turning complex, unstructured and unmanageable situations into manageable projects. They will understand a practical creativity process that enables creative decision-making.

Aspects to be covered will include:

  • Different types of projects, concepts, frameworks and stakeholders;
  • Steps in the project management process
  • The organisational and socio-economic influences that affects projects;
  • Key management skills needed
  • Challenges in project management
    • Project Planning and Control Cycle
    • Procurement Scheduling
    • Resource Planning
    • Project Accounts
    • Project Control
    • Earned Value
    • Quality Management
    • Project Communications
    • Project Meetings
    • Project Organisation Structures
    • Project Teams
    • Managing Small Projects

1 day

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